What is UPG

UPG stands for Unverified Personal Gnosis.

Gnosis does not mean what so many people have come to think it means.

It is not the color of your god’s hair.

It is not their ‘favorite flavor of tea.’

It is not a story that you think is funny about your god.

Gnosis means knowledge.

Gnosis is specifically a spiritual knowledge. It is something which brings enlightenment and deliverance.

Unverified Personal Gnosis is closer to an epiphany than it is to a ‘head canon.’

The color that you believe your god’s eyes are does not alter your faith.

Your existence is not changed by what tea you choose for libations.

Your faith is not formed by what flowers make you think of them.

“Yahweh loves Turkish Coffee!” is not unverified personal gnosis; it is a thought. It is an opinion. It is a feeling which brings happiness to contemplate because it holds some meaning to you. It is your own association.

“Judas chose to sacrifice himself by accepting the role of the traitor in order that the prophecies be fulfilled.” is unverified personal gnosis. It is not the canon interpretation of the entity or event. It alters the faith of the believer. It changes the view of circumstances and adds a new undertone to the believer’s religion.

(The above is copied from whoreofabbadon)

I know a lot of people use “upg” when talking about experiences and associations. I’m not going to go around telling people they’re wrong; I understand what they mean even if they’re technically using the wrong term. As long as we can understand each other, it’s okay with me, but I’m making this a page on my blog so that people have an accurate definition in an easy to find place.

Personally, I’d use either “experience” or “association”, depending on context. Some people use the word “belief” (meaning experience), so that’s an option as well. I prefer to use the English words since everyone is already familiar with those 🙂


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