Suggestions, maybe.

Sometimes I write things on tumblr and forget my wordpress blog.

This is from yesterday:

I was thirsty, so I started reaching for the water bottle, but suddenly I think, MILK!  Milk would be nice, but I don’t want it that much. Water is just as good, and it’s right here. But no, the thought persists: MILLLLK!  Okay, fine >.>

I’m not sure how good my discernment is, but when I get “Random idea!” followed by “I don’t want to,” followed by “Do eeet,” (not words, just the general idea) that makes me suspicious. It’s not indecisiveness, because I really didn’t want the thing, but the thought wouldn’t leave, so…

The milk was really good, btw.


I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past couple weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m worried about stuff, or if it’s something else. Also, in this case, “having trouble sleeping” is due to something very specific:

You know that feeling when you’re drifting off to sleep, and there’s a sensation of sudden falling, like when you slip on ice, and you jerk awake because you try to catch yourself from falling? (Other people get that too, right?) That has been happening to me so much lately. Like several times every night. It’s exhausting.

Then last night, I suddenly got very sleepy in the early evening, so went to bed early. I had the sensation of falling, as usual, but this time I also felt like I was vibrating (in the way that a purring cat does). I got to wondering what would happen if I just let myself fall; would I just fall asleep, would it do something else? The vibration was a little annoying, but I left it alone for a while. Eventually, when I still hadn’t fallen asleep, and didn’t get any more falling sensations either, I got tired of the vibrating and decided to try grounding in case it was an energy thing. It did stop after grounding.

Well, I guess that tells me that I needed grounding.