I wanted to post an update but was too tired to write it up last night.

First of all, I stopped worrying about doing more for Loki, so that’s good. I got several helpful suggestions, and I’m going to try some things, but I don’t feel like I have to do stuff.

What I really want is to have more of a connection. When I have things to talk about, that’s probably the biggest thing that helps me build connections. But I haven’t had much to talk about lately, so that’s been an issue. I’m going to try writing and see if that works better.

I liked physical offerings because that gave me something to do even if I had nothing to talk about. The music suggestion was especially helpful as an alternative or additional thing I can do.

So yesterday, we listened to some music, and that was fun. I was just sitting on my bed with the laptop, but it kind of felt like a party. I was also suddenly feeling playful, and there was lots of laughter. I think I may have been picking up on his mood.

Thanks for the playlist, Corannhena. I liked most of the songs, and I was commenting on things as they came up, so that also gave me something to talk about. It was mostly just things like, “I like this one. Don’t like this one. Oooh, this one’s nice. I really like this one!” Then there was one that was like, wtf is that, and I turned towards Loki’s shrine and said “Okay, that’s just weird,” and laughed. Dude has some weird tastes 😛 I’m happy that most of it was stuff that I like too.

Today I didn’t do much. I was tired and took a nap that lasted ~6 hours~ :/  I think things are good, though.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. YW for the playlist~ And yeah, if he’s happy/excited about something I can definitely sense it myself, so that might have been what you were feeling.
    (Just out of curiosity, which was the “weird” song? His musical tastes do surprise me sometimes.)

    • Okay I’m gonna hazard a guess that the “weird” one was the Squirrel Nut Zippers song? :p I actually really like that one–I hadn’t heard it at all before Loki requested it, in fact I didn’t even have any SNZ in my songs list (I’d thought I had but I was thinking of a different band). But yeah that one sounds kinda strange~ (but in a good way)

      • Okay, make that two weird songs. La Grippe by SNZ was one. I think for that one I said “You just like this one because the lyrics are silly.” It’s not really my thing, but I was amused by it 😀

        The one where I said “Okay that’s just weird” was the song “Oh!” by Sleater-Kinney. It starts out a little weird, but at around 50 seconds it gets *really* weird and I can’t listen to it any more. Like, what are they even doing.

        Loooove The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy. I played that a few extra times, and woke up with that in my head 🙂

      • “Oh!” was my own choice, not Loki’s (all the songs Loki’s chosen are from and including Iron And Wine “On Your Wings”, going down, if you view by date added/oldest on top). They were actually my favorite band from 2002-2005 or so :p I just thought the lyrics (esp. the chorus) fit how I feel about him.

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