Wep Ronpet 2014

My Wep Ronpet (Kemetic New Year) was today. I didn’t have much to say about the intercalary days, so I’m making one post for all of that.

For the intercalary days, I wanted to get some kind of birthday treat. The main factor in deciding what to get them was: How long is it good for?

I liked the idea of birthday cupcakes, but I have had bread products go bad on me very quickly, and quite often. I didn’t want to make multiple trips to the store, so I went looking for a treat that will last for at least the five days. While looking at my options at the store, I came across Passion Flakies, which are very yummy, and they are good for a few months.

Well, that’s the food part. I had no idea what to do besides that. I would like to do something like write a poem honoring each of them, but I don’t “get” poetry. My brain just isn’t wired for it. I did some cleaning for Aset, but everything was pretty clean already, so all I really needed to do was sweep the floor.

I couldn’t think of anything special to do for the others. During Wesir’s day, I was feeling very dissatisfied with not being able to come up with anything, but then I decided that feeling this way is no good, so I’m just going to stop. Religion shouldn’t make you feel bad. So I decided to just do a food offering, and no need to do anything extra. Everyone got a Passion Flakie and some apple juice, and I said happy birthday to each of them, and that was it. It was…fine. Neither good nor bad.

For the day of Wep Ronpet itself, I shared my dinner, did an execration, and then lit a candle and just hung out for a bit. I had been considering getting a clay pot from the dollar store and smashing it, but instead, I decided to write things on paper, tear it up, and burn it. I discovered that I really like burning paper. It was great. I smited smote destroyed the poop, as well as anxiety and fatigue and a couple other things.

I feel like I didn’t do much. Which is not a bad thing…it was just over so quickly. Offer food, revert and eat. Write things down, shred, burn, done. Anyway, it was a good day, so I’m calling it a win.


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