Settling in

On the subject of learning to juggle multiple deities…

I feel like it’s coming together. The first few days [after I first reached out to Them] there was much flailing. Then I got some advice, did some reading, adjusted how I approach the whole thing, and I don’t feel so off-balance any more.

Sometimes I feel like Anup doesn’t get enough attention, but I don’t know what to do for him. It’s easier with the others, since I have some idea of what they might like, but with Anup I’m like, “I don’t really know what to do for you. Here, have some chocolate.” But I don’t feel so lost as before.

Right now, my practice is: Offer a cup of water every day (just started doing that), and talk about stuff. I like the daily offering of water, because it’s something I can give them even if I can’t do anything else that day. I got two nice cups specifically for Their shrines. I also share meals sometimes, but that’s not a regular thing.

Sharing meals got a bit more complicated with Loki in the mix. If I’m offering a treat, like chocolate or fruit, I’ll put some on both shrines, but when I’m sharing my meal, there’s just one plate. I hope they’re okay with everyone sharing a plate, because I don’t see any other alternative.

I’ve also played my drum for Wep, since I read a thing that says he likes drums. I can neither confirm nor deny this, since I don’t get any impressions from him, or from anyone else.

I don’t get anything, but that’s okay. It would be easier if I at least knew that they were there…not being able to feel their presence at all was the main reason I felt so unbalanced at the beginning. That sorted itself out after I changed the way I think about my relationship with Them:

How do I interact with someone who doesn’t interact with me? I can dedicate actions to Them. Even if they never ask for anything specific, I could think of things to do that they would probably like. Even things like cleaning can be an offering. There’s a wide variety of things I could do, and it doesn’t have to be anything big or difficult.

It’s interesting. I believed in the existence of gods before, but having them be part of my life has changed things. Even though they don’t talk to me (or I can’t hear it) I often think about them as I go about my day. From the outside, my life looks much the same as before, but on the inside everything feels different.


3 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Anpu. He’s always seemed pretty easy-going and indifferent to me. As in, if you give him food he’ll say, “Oh, thanks,” and if you don’t give him food, he’ll shrug and go back to reading the newspaper.

    As far as the Gods not communicating, I don’t have a god radio either, but I’ve found that the longer I practice, the more they find ways to communicate with me, and the closer I feel to them. Almost as if communicating with them is a muscle I’d never used before, and the more I use it the easier it gets.

    • “Almost as if communicating with them is a muscle I’d never used before, and the more I use it the easier it gets.”

      I have heard that from a couple other people as well. Right now I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but I’m hopeful 🙂

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