So many deities

The deities in my life (for certain values of “in my life”) are Wepwawet and Anup,  and more recently, Loki.

That went something like this:

me: I have no interest in anything Norse.
later: *starts hanging out with Lokeans*
then: Well, Loki is interesting, but I’m still not interested.
later: Okay, maybe I’m a little interested.
later: Okay, a lot.
eventually: Hail Loki! Hi. Nice to meet you.

I had also tried talking to Geb, but wasn’t feeling anything. And then I got interested in Heru-Wer… I don’t want to be a deity collector! I’m no good at multi-tasking. *sigh*

Oh and I talked to Sekhmet one time. I owed her a thank you, but I don’t want to work with her; I think our personalities just don’t mesh. I appreciate her, though, so I wanted to tell her that.


One thought on “So many deities

  1. I know *exactly* how you feel. I’ve got four gods to balance, and it both does and doesn’t help that they’re all related to each other.

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