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The Adventures of a Bohemian Lokean


I would wager simplicity isn’t something most people associate with Loki. He’s a God of Change. He’s a god of Mischievousness. He’s Mr. Tricky. With Loki’s love of Truth though, at least the truths we tell ourselves, he’s also a lover of the direct route. The long and winding road is good if we’re learning something or if it is necessary, but we don’t always have to take it just because we’re His. He will build convoluted schemes, but at the end of the day that’s work, and when we’re dealing with ourselves unnecessary.

Short thoughts on a long day.

Building a simple life is easier than building a scaffolding of fixes. How can we build a simple life? Have people we trust, trust with everything, and keep them close. Have a life direction. Follow it. Have a life goal. Achieve it. Have friends and keep faith with them…

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Last night

I posted this earlier today on tumblr, but I feel like posting it here too.

Last night I suddenly thought of Anup. I didn’t think anything specific about him, just, Anup. Before that, I got a little panicked for no reason (general anxiety I guess) and when the thought of Anup came to me, I felt comforted.

I was getting ready for bed anyway, so I asked him to stay with me until I fall asleep. As usual, I couldn’t tell if anyone was actually there.

I’m not sure if anything happened of it’s just my brain playing games with me. In any case, the thought of Anup made me feel better, so that’s a win.

Wep Ronpet 2014

My Wep Ronpet (Kemetic New Year) was today. I didn’t have much to say about the intercalary days, so I’m making one post for all of that.

For the intercalary days, I wanted to get some kind of birthday treat. The main factor in deciding what to get them was: How long is it good for?

I liked the idea of birthday cupcakes, but I have had bread products go bad on me very quickly, and quite often. I didn’t want to make multiple trips to the store, so I went looking for a treat that will last for at least the five days. While looking at my options at the store, I came across Passion Flakies, which are very yummy, and they are good for a few months.

Well, that’s the food part. I had no idea what to do besides that. I would like to do something like write a poem honoring each of them, but I don’t “get” poetry. My brain just isn’t wired for it. I did some cleaning for Aset, but everything was pretty clean already, so all I really needed to do was sweep the floor.

I couldn’t think of anything special to do for the others. During Wesir’s day, I was feeling very dissatisfied with not being able to come up with anything, but then I decided that feeling this way is no good, so I’m just going to stop. Religion shouldn’t make you feel bad. So I decided to just do a food offering, and no need to do anything extra. Everyone got a Passion Flakie and some apple juice, and I said happy birthday to each of them, and that was it. It was…fine. Neither good nor bad.

For the day of Wep Ronpet itself, I shared my dinner, did an execration, and then lit a candle and just hung out for a bit. I had been considering getting a clay pot from the dollar store and smashing it, but instead, I decided to write things on paper, tear it up, and burn it. I discovered that I really like burning paper. It was great. I smited smote destroyed the poop, as well as anxiety and fatigue and a couple other things.

I feel like I didn’t do much. Which is not a bad thing…it was just over so quickly. Offer food, revert and eat. Write things down, shred, burn, done. Anyway, it was a good day, so I’m calling it a win.

Settling in

On the subject of learning to juggle multiple deities…

I feel like it’s coming together. The first few days [after I first reached out to Them] there was much flailing. Then I got some advice, did some reading, adjusted how I approach the whole thing, and I don’t feel so off-balance any more.

Sometimes I feel like Anup doesn’t get enough attention, but I don’t know what to do for him. It’s easier with the others, since I have some idea of what they might like, but with Anup I’m like, “I don’t really know what to do for you. Here, have some chocolate.” But I don’t feel so lost as before.

Right now, my practice is: Offer a cup of water every day (just started doing that), and talk about stuff. I like the daily offering of water, because it’s something I can give them even if I can’t do anything else that day. I got two nice cups specifically for Their shrines. I also share meals sometimes, but that’s not a regular thing.

Sharing meals got a bit more complicated with Loki in the mix. If I’m offering a treat, like chocolate or fruit, I’ll put some on both shrines, but when I’m sharing my meal, there’s just one plate. I hope they’re okay with everyone sharing a plate, because I don’t see any other alternative.

I’ve also played my drum for Wep, since I read a thing that says he likes drums. I can neither confirm nor deny this, since I don’t get any impressions from him, or from anyone else.

I don’t get anything, but that’s okay. It would be easier if I at least knew that they were there…not being able to feel their presence at all was the main reason I felt so unbalanced at the beginning. That sorted itself out after I changed the way I think about my relationship with Them:

How do I interact with someone who doesn’t interact with me? I can dedicate actions to Them. Even if they never ask for anything specific, I could think of things to do that they would probably like. Even things like cleaning can be an offering. There’s a wide variety of things I could do, and it doesn’t have to be anything big or difficult.

It’s interesting. I believed in the existence of gods before, but having them be part of my life has changed things. Even though they don’t talk to me (or I can’t hear it) I often think about them as I go about my day. From the outside, my life looks much the same as before, but on the inside everything feels different.

So many deities

The deities in my life (for certain values of “in my life”) are Wepwawet and Anup,  and more recently, Loki.

That went something like this:

me: I have no interest in anything Norse.
later: *starts hanging out with Lokeans*
then: Well, Loki is interesting, but I’m still not interested.
later: Okay, maybe I’m a little interested.
later: Okay, a lot.
eventually: Hail Loki! Hi. Nice to meet you.

I had also tried talking to Geb, but wasn’t feeling anything. And then I got interested in Heru-Wer… I don’t want to be a deity collector! I’m no good at multi-tasking. *sigh*

Oh and I talked to Sekhmet one time. I owed her a thank you, but I don’t want to work with her; I think our personalities just don’t mesh. I appreciate her, though, so I wanted to tell her that.