Reaching out to the Netjeru

There were some things I wanted to write about, but I’ve been too tired to put a blog post together, so here is a summary of the past few days:

July 23:
I have my own space now, so I finally got to reach out to the Netjeru, and I’m very happy about that.

I invited them in, offered some tea and chocolate, and introduced myself. Well, I kind of fumbled the introduction; when I started talking, I suddenly forgot everything I wanted to say, so there was a period of “umm…uhh…umm…” followed by rambling on whatever random topics I could think of.

I didn’t want to talk about sad things on our first meeting, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I kinda started talking about something that’s been weighing on me lately, and then I started crying. Not what I had in mind for a first meeting. I tried to get back to a happier topic by playing some music and talking about my interests. And then I ate the chocolate and drank the tea.

I don’t know, I thought I had a plan for what I was going to say, but apparently not.

I can’t tell if anyone was even there. I will assume yes, but there’s no way to know for sure.

July 24:
This time I wrote some things down. I felt a bit silly reading from a script, but that’s better than totally fumbling it.

I introduced myself again, this time properly. I talked a little bit about what my goals in life are. I wasn’t just reading the whole thing; I added things too, but having the main points written down helped a lot.

I had a question too, but I don’t have a god-radio, so I’m not sure how to get an answer. I wanted to try a pendulum but was too tired, so I put that off until the next day.

July 25:
Tried the pendulum, it didn’t work. I tried waiting a bit and asked again, still nothing.

I don’t know if pendulums are just not my thing, or if no one was listening, or if the thing I used just doesn’t make a good pendulum. (I used a necklace.)

I didn’t feel like trying again that night, since it was already late and I was tired. I may try again some other day, but I’m not very hopeful.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much communication, and I’m fine with the Netjeru being quiet for the most part. I can just live my life, share meals, and talk to them even if I don’t hear back from them.

Since I don’t have a god-radio, I don’t want to ask questions unless it’s absolutely necessary. But this is something I really need to know, so it’s kind of frustrating that I’m not getting an answer.

So that’s where I am right now.

Reblog: I Feel Wyrdly Whole

I’m not Heathen, but this really resonates with me. The interconnectedness of everything is a major part of my worldview. I’m just going to reblog since I agree with all of it.

Torch and Hailstone

I love being Heathen. It has brought a sense of wholeness and contentment that I never had as an atheist. I think this sense has to do with the concept of Wyrd.

Heathenry for me (and probably pantheism/animism in general) fosters a sense of our world being complete somehow, like everything that there is and ever was and ever will be is part of a coherent whole, even if we’re too small to see it. Whatever happens to us or our earth or the universe is okay, really, because it’s all one big system made up of smaller systems. The Whole, made up of the universe, is organic.

That’s not to say that whatever happens happens for a reason. I find that this idea usually assumes that ‘for a reason’ means ‘for eventual human benefit’, which is anthropocentric and therefore ridiculous. It also tends to imply that there is something…

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